ELI's BAND : 8 Piece - 15 Piece band 
Chose any size between the 8 piece core band and the maximum 15 piece luxurious band.
Core Band consists of: 4 international singers and 4 core musicians: saxophone, trumpet, trombone, drummer.
To expand from 8 piece you can add extra: singers, violinists, percussionists & double the horn section.
Packages include: entertainment for: c.hour music (saxophone), ceremony music, band for reception + DJ
- sound production for all areas needed + sound engineer & labor.
*sound production available only in California, Nevada & Arizona. 
- EB stage decor stands: DJ booth + horn section stands - a choice from 3 designs
For more please call (+1) 818.984.2277
Price varies upon the size of the band, sound production size, location and date.
ELI's Big BAND : 20 Piece - 40 Piece ORCHESTRA
Luxurious orchestra that consist of:
6 piece string section, 6 piece horn section, full rhythm section, piano and a variety of International singers.
Mix of standard big hits and Big Band, Swing, Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Opera & Musicals in unique renditions and a variety of languages.
Package includes: sound production, lighting production + LED visuals,
EBB custom made stands with an option for a full stage design and set up.
For more please call (+1) 818.984.2277

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